Find your right size with the relevant size guide for each style.
For international sizes, please see the size converters at the end of the page.


In general, the cut of the bikinis is smaller than normal sizes. If you are in between two sizes, take the bigger one.


Top Criss-Cross and top Soul Surfer

Size EU 34 fits for cup 65C, 70A, 70B, 75A

Size EU 36 fits for cup 65D, 70C, 75B, 80A

Size EU 38 fits for cup 65E, 70D, 75C, 80B, 85A


Top Performer and all bottoms

For the top Performer, the relevant measurement is the bust.

For the bottoms, the relevant measurement is the hip.


 EU 34EU 36EU 38EU 40
Bust (cm)80848892
Hip (cm)889296100
Bust (inches)31 1/23334 1/236 1/4
Hip (inches)34 1/236 1/437 3/439 1/2


Size converter


 EU 34EU 36EU 38EU 40


EU 3465C30C80C8B30B
EU 3665D30D80D8C30C
EU 3865E30DD80E8D30D
EU 3470A32A85A10AA32AA
EU 3470B32B85B10A32A
EU 3670C32C85C10B32B
EU 3870D32D85D10C32C
EU 3475A34A90A12AA34AA
EU 3675B34B90B12A34A
EU 3875C34C90C12B34B
EU 3680A36A95A14AA36AA
EU 3880B36B95B14A36A
EU 3885A38A100A16AA38AA


If you have got problems in finding the right size, please get back to us.