Tinka Blu is derived by the Irish word tinker and the colour blue
whereas tinker means traveller and blue refers to the ocean.



At Tinka Bu, we are attracted by the ocean and drawn to the water. We love to be in or near the water, go surfing, swimming, or just sit on the beach and watch how the waves kiss the shoreline. It gives us energy and is relaxing at the same time.


We are amazed by the beauty and diversity our world has to offer, different cultures and endless outdoor opportunities. We like to explore and look beyond our horizon. We are wanderers. We are explorers without a permanent abode.



The world is our home and the ocean is our playground.






The Tinka Blu Girl leads an active lifestyle to nurture her physical fitness, her energy levels, her health, happiness, and confidence. She works out for her own enjoyment and as a balance to her daily life. She challenges herself, pushes her own boundaries and cheers for her friends.


There is only fun, no competition.


The Tinka Blu Girl is connected to nature and the outdoors. She is conscious about her environment and lives every day with intention. She is not afraid to be herself and lives up to her own positive spirit. You look at her and you know an adventure is going to happen.


The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,
are the ones that do.