The vastness of the ocean

Positive effects of being near or in the water

Crystal clear water, waves kissing the shoreline, and the smell of salty air. No other landscape or element than the ocean has such a strong magnetism. We are attracted to the water and keep on going on vacation to the beach, spend weekends at the lake or just relax on the riverside. As soon as we are near or in the water, we forget all our worries and problems. Water…

Slow fashion - Slow like a Turtle, Blu like the ocean

Why the “e” at the end of our brand name is missing

The fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry right after the oil industry. The production of conventional natural fibres, like cotton, requires a massive amount of water and fertilizers, while that of synthetic fibres requires crude oil. Chemicals are used for dying, and CO2 is emitted during the manufacturing process. Considering all the harmful consequences each item of clothing has on our eco-system, why are we buying so much stuff…

SUP Yoga with Nina in Cologne, Germany

Yoga on a paddle board – Find your (inner) balance on moving water

Nina has been doing yoga for more than ten years until she swapped the gym with open sky and the yoga mat with moving water. Today, she is practicing yoga on a paddle board, sometimes also called SUP Yoga. We talked to her about the still rather new type of yoga and what the magic about is. We have also learned that it is actually quite different to “normal” yoga….

Surfing with sharks - SOS sign and life buoy on the beach

Would you surf with sharks?

Have you ever been in a situation you were hesitating to jump into the water? Was it because of anxiety? Perhaps it was because of some creatures living in the water? Have you ever been in a situation where you are being pulled back and forth by the question, “should I or shouldn’t I?” A friend of Tinka Blu’s, Debbie, has been in a state of indecision quite a bit…

Bothnia Savages - Girls with Guts and a Cause

Bothnia Savages – Girls with guts and a cause

Bothnia Savages, a collective formed by journalist Pauliina Toivanen and photographer Aino Huotari, is an ongoing investigative photo journalism project on fair and sustainable travelling, ecological choices, and surfing. “We surfers are amongst the first ones to notice the human caused burden on the environment. But the sea is also the place where we have the opportunity to witness the huge potential and power that lies in renewable natural resources….

Yoga for surfers - Chaturanga Pose - Soul Surf 'n Yoga with Jess

Four yoga exercises to get better at surfing

If Jess is one thing than she is a yoga enthusiast. Apart from being a yogi, Jess is also an avid surfer. No surprise that she is a certified yoga and surf instructor and has turned her passion into her living. With Soul Surf ‘n Yoga she is offering surf and yoga retreats in Bali and the Netherlands. We have met a couple of years ago in Nicaragua and if…

Katrien Kegel, Founder of Chicks on Waves on the Algarve, Portugal

Chicks On Waves – Katrien’s mission to get more girls on the board

Katrien started surfing 13 years ago and most of the time found herself to be the only girl in the water. Trying to get more women on the board she founded Chicks On Waves, a surf and yoga retreat for girls on the beautiful coast of the Algarve in the south of Portugal. Today, eight years later she is telling us her story.   Katrien, how did you get into…

Surfing in Sri Lanka - Baby Point in Arugam Bay

Good vibes available here: Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka’s East has it all

World-class surf conditions fringe a land of jungle and ancient temples. Elephants peer at you behind flocks of peacocks as you race away in your tuk tuk towards one of the many nearby surf breaks. This is a place where water buffalo queues are the only heavy traffic on the roads and your driver is likely to be a local surf legend. Your companions in the line-up are as likely…

Surfblog - Welcome - Palm trees - Blue sky

Welcome to Tinka Blu’s Blog!

We are excited to launch our brand new blog including the option to sign up to our newsletter (on the very bottom of the page). We hope you enjoy it and will be a regular visitor to our site.   In our blog we will post about things we love. Here is what you can look forward to in Tinka Blu’s Blog: a mixture of articles around surfing, travelling, sustainability,…